Randy Hoyt

World’s Fair 1893 Pilgrimage

I did a lot of research for the board game¬†World’s Fair 1893 that I developed and published a few years ago. Leslie and I took a train from Dallas to Chicago for a weekend getaway to visit as much of the history of the fair as we could over two and a half days.


May 21

Renegade Society Interview

Sara from Renegade Game Studios interviewed me for their video podcast, talking about Spy Club and the other games I’ve partnered with them to publish. Check it out!

May 09

Masks at Gen Con

Gen Con registration opened this weekend. I registered for my first Gen Con tickets, a Masks (RPG) session with some friends. I have done so little role-playing, and this is a setting/system I’ve been wanting to try out.

Link – Masks: A New Generation (Magpie Games)

May 07

The Mind from Amazon.de

Many great games come out in Germany first, including The Mind, and someone recently pointed out that Amazon Germany will ship to the United States. It was surprisingly quick and affordable. I can’t wait to play this one more!

May 04

The Mind

I played The Mind three times tonight with the Joneses (using 6 Nimmt cards). What a blast! I’m definitely getting this when it’s available.

Apr 13

Unlock! for Team Building

I used Unlock! The House on the Hill for a team-building activity for my software development team at work. 4 groups of 3-4 people each all managed to escape. (The EXIT games are by far my favorite, but Unlock! The House on the Hill is a great introductory escape room game if you need one that is reusable.)

Link: Unlock! The House on the Hill (BoardGameGeek)