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Randy Hoyt is a husband, father of two boys, board game publisher, speaker, and web developer living near Dallas, Texas.
He runs Foxtrot Games, a board game publishing company with six games released to date.
He has long been excited about how the internet transforms our lives, and he works professionally building websites and web applications.
In the past, Randy has taught web development at Treehouse and at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Board Games

I have loved playing board games for as long as I can remember, and they are an active part of my life still today. Here are a couple of my favorite games right now:

7 Wonders



I started Foxtrot Games in 2013 to publish my board game Relic Expedition. You can learn more about the company and all our games at FoxtrotGames.com.

Foxtrot Games

Web Development

I’ve built websites and web applications for over half my life. I currently work at a software company (NICE Systems), writing applications in JavaScript.

NICE Systems

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