Randy Hoyt

Google Docs Paint Format Icon

I noticed today that Google Docs changed their icon on one of their buttons. Icon designers have long made metaphors between abstract actions and concrete actions, using images from the latter to represent the former. The new icon sticks with the same metaphor, but I found it a bit jarring because it uses a different image. … Read Post →

Sep 22

Near The End Of The World

I reviewed a book of poetry, The Throne of Psyche by Marly Youmans, for the latest issue of Mythprint. The image of a lone artist toiling on the beach from "Near The End Of The World," one of the poems from the collection, will stick with me as I continue to wrestle with how to spend my time and energy. … Read Post →

Sep 13

The Exiles’ Track

I reviewed a book of poetry, The Throne of Psyche by Marly Youmans, for the latest issue of Mythprint. In "The Exile's Track," one of the poems from the collection, the narrator perceives a wonder of nature that impresses upon her a narrative about its history and her relation to it. This poem seems to me to reflect the way I imagine many of the great myths coming into being. … Read Post →

Sep 10

The Little Engine That Could as Myth?

I have had many conversations about what exactly “myth” is over the last few years. I believe now that whether or not a particular story counts as “myth” is relative to a given person; a given story could be a “myth” to one person and not to another person. I think that the primary determining factor is the role that a story plays in the life of the person or the community. I had an experience over the weekend that reminded of this. … Read Post →

Sep 08

The Silver Key by H.P. Lovecraft

I recently discovered a great short story online called “The Silver Key” written by H.P. Lovecraft in 1926. It tells the story of a young man who loses his sense of child-like wonder at the world. One passage near the beginning caught my attention. The narrator, who had not lost his sense of wonder, describes … Read Post →

Aug 27

LEGO Space Needle

LEGO Space Needle

I love Seattle, and I love LEGOs. So the LEGO Space Needle that my wife and son got me was a perfect birthday gift. My son and I had a great time building it over the weekend. (He’s gotten quite good at building with LEGOs and following instructions, and I love that he sticks his tongue out when he focuses.) … View Photos →

Aug 24

Shanna Swendson on Writing Sequels

A sequel can be both easier and more difficult than the original book. On the one hand, you don’t have to create your characters or build your world, but on the other hand, you’re stuck with what you’ve already established.
Shanna Swendson
Aug 18

Mount Hood Above The Clouds

Mount Hood Above The Clouds

Leaving Portland International Airport (PDX) this afternoon, we had a great view of the peak of (I believe) Mount Hood above the clouds from the airplane.

Aug 15