Randy Hoyt

Writing: 30-Minute Studies

I really like writing, and good things have always happened when I spent time writing. My blog posts for Foxtrot Games have been well received, and I havereally enjoyed writing all the historical updates for the World’s Fair 1893Kickstarter campaign. As a liberal arts major in college, I have done a lot of writing and value good writing. I even coached other students how to improve their writing, which prompted me to think a lot about writing.

But I write really slowly. I’d like to think a big part of my slowness is that I have a high quality bar and that you can’t rush quality. I’m sure that’s true, but I also believe that focused practice with an emphasis on speed could help improve the time. I’m not really aiming to run a blog with a large audience or anything, but I want to write more for practice. I would like to learn to write faster — of course without losing my high quality bar.

I have been really inspired watching artist Beth Sobel’s “one hour studies.” (Beth is an amazing artist that I’ve been incredibly blessed to work with on my last two board games.) She spends one hour creating an illustration as part of her professional practice, and she can do some amazing work in just one hour! Here’s an example:

Beth Sobel: 1 Hour Study

This year, I will spend more time practicing my writing. Inspired by Beth’s technique, I will do 30-minute studies for writing practice this year, picking a topic and writing what I can in 30 minutes. (This is the first one of those!) I have no intention of doing it every day, but I’m currently planning to do it once or twice a week.

Time’s up! Time to publish!

Jan 13