Randy Hoyt

Multiple Authors in WordPress

I spoke at the D/FW WordPress Meetup in April 2009, giving a presentation on the techniques, page templates, and plugins I use to power the multiple-author functionality on Journey to the Sea. This page contains a video of that presentation, along with links to download the theme files I modified during the presentation and to other resources I mentioned.


I created a video before the presentation, which I narrated live during the meeting. After the meeting, I re-recorded the narration and made that video available below. You can download the full-resolution video in WMV format or watch the somewhat-compressed version in four installments (hosted on YouTube):

Download Video (WMV / 86 MB)

Multiple Authors in WordPress (1/4)

Multiple Authors in WordPress (2/4)

Multiple Authors in WordPress (3/4)

Multiple Authors in WordPress (4/4)

Theme Files / Plugin

I made changes to Chris Pearson’s Cutline 1.4 theme during the presentation:

Download Changes (zip)

Some of these changes require this:

WP Plugin: User Photo

Other Links Mentioned