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The First Two Playtests

This is a great post by Grant Rodiek on early-stage playtesting. (I recommend Grant’s blog to anyone who designs game.)

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Playing With Toys While People are Dying

This article has some good food for thought and reflections on games and gave development. Everyone who makes games should spend some time thinking about how they personally respond to the opening paragraph:

“The work of video game developers distracts the world from problems which desperately need solutions. The culture this feeds is fundamentally depraved, the financial outcomes are random and, ultimately, nothing of worth is produced.”

Do you make games? How do you respond?

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xkcd On SQL Injections

I’m taking an online web security training course for work. I think the trainer didn’t quite understand just how bad a SQL Injection could be.

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The Placebo Effect

I’ve always found placebos interesting. (The brain is pretty powerful!) Here’s a great article with recent research.

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Search Tweet History

Today I learned how to search the tweets I posted within a date range:

from:randyhoyt since:2014-04-01 until:2014-05-31

(I was looking for this picture of an early Lanterns prototype when I was considering it for publication, and I found it easily with this search.)

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This War Of Mine

Tom Vasel’s final thoughts on This War Of Mine (14:51-15:48) are important regarding games, replayability, and fun.

“I don’t want to play this game again. But the game is actually quite good. … It’s like a work of art, one of those movies you watch and … … This game teaches you what ordinary people go through in war. … I can admire it and say, ‘Wow. That’s interesting. Glad I played it.'”

As the industry grows—and if people keep playing games fewer times each—we’ll see more powerful experiences like this in board games.

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Life Lessons from Maria Popova

Life Lessons from Maria Popova

Maria Popova shares the 7 most important life lessons things she’s learned by reading and writing for Brain Pickings. These two stood out to me:

  • #4: Build pockets of stillness into your life.
  • #7: Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time.

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Willa Cather on Productivity vs. Creativity, Selling Out, and More

Great thoughts from Willa Cather on productivity vs. creativity, selling out, and more:

The kind of life that makes one feel empty and shallow and superficial, that makes one dread to read and dread to think, can’t be good for one, can it? It can’t be the kind of life one was meant to live.

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