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The Mind from Amazon.de

Many great games come out in Germany first, including The Mind, and someone recently pointed out that Amazon Germany will ship to the United States. It was surprisingly quick and affordable. I can’t wait to play this one more!

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The Mind

I played The Mind three times tonight with the Joneses (using 6 Nimmt cards). What a blast! I’m definitely getting this when it’s available.

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Unlock! for Team Building

I used Unlock! The House on the Hill for a team-building activity for my software development team at work. 4 groups of 3-4 people each all managed to escape. (The EXIT games are by far my favorite, but Unlock! The House on the Hill is a great introductory escape room game if you need one that is reusable.)

Link: Unlock! The House on the Hill (BoardGameGeek)

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Pokemon Go Community Day

We had a great time at Pokemon Go Community Day. I took Garret (10YO) and Darren (5YO) to the UTD campus, and there were quite a few other people wandering around the fountain playing. We caught a shiny Bulbasaur and evolved it twice to Venusaur. We also reached to Level 27. I could see this becoming a regular monthly tradition for us.

(Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the boys playing; the phone was occupied.)

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Solid State Drive

I added a solid-state hard drive to my home computer tonight and moved the operating system to it. (I’ve never done anything like build my own computer, so I feel a bit like an all-powerful wizard right now.)

Edit: After a month, I can say that I am very pleased with the performance gains from this new hard drive.

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