Randy Hoyt

The Viking Ship At The 1893 World’s Fair

Today, based on archaeological research from the 1960s, scholars believe that Vikings came to America 500 years before Christopher Columbus did. But that wasn't the case in 1893. Many people doubted that Vikings could have reached North America, until this exhibit from Norway at the fair removed those doubts. … Read Post →

Apr 07

Mike Fitzgerald On Playtester Feedback

I do not answer the question ["Where is the fun for the players?"] well on my designs. ... So ... I watch people playing it. I watch them very carefully. I don't necessarily listen to what they say ... but I watch like a hawk. And almost every design I've had, the answer will come from that experience. You watch people smile, you see when they're struggling, when they furrow their brows, when they're having a hard time.
Mike Fitzgerald, Ludology 123
Mar 18

Motion Pictures At The 1893 World’s Fair

Did you know the first commercial movie theater could be found at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago? Two early motion picture devices could be seen there: Eadweard Muybridge used his zoopraxiscope to accompany his lectures on animal motion, and Thomas Edison's lab showed off their kinetoscope. (I wrote this post for an update on my World’s Fair 1893 Kickstarter campaign.) … Read Post →

Mar 15

I want to stop feeling guilty for needing time to reply

I want to stop feeling guilty for needing time to reply. I want to stop apologizing for the delay. I want to have days where I don’t email but instead just work on my own stuff. I don’t want to stress about what you’re thinking or feeling. You’ll be okay, and if you’re not, we’ll talk about it, right? Since, as Dr. Herring’s research shows, you’re more likely to be supportive and pepper me with emoticons.
Rachel Simmons
Mar 11

Eduardo Baraf on Making Games

My friend Eduardo Baraf has been making games for his entire career. He recently posted a video that's part philosophy, part motivational speech about making games that really resonated with me. Check out the video and my commentary. … Read Post →

Mar 07