Randy Hoyt

Distribution, Cash Flow, and Multiple Printings

If you have been around the board game industry for any time at all, you’ve probably heard that a game’s MSRP should be five times (5×) it’s manufacturing cost. Yes, five times! I couldn’t really understand how that could be necessary when I first started, but I think I finally have a good grasp on why this number is essential. … Read Post →

Jan 26

How I Became A Board Game Publisher

On Reddit, someone asked me this: Hi Randy. If you don’t mind, could you elucidate on how you found yourself as a game publisher? Do you enjoy your work? How hands-on do you get in the game selection process? This post is my response. A few years ago, the board game scene on Kickstarter was … Read Post →

Jan 15

Writing: 30-Minute Studies

I really like writing, and good things have always happened when I spent time writing. My blog posts for Foxtrot Games have been well received, and I havereally enjoyed writing all the historical updates for the World’s Fair 1893Kickstarter campaign. As a liberal arts major in college, I have done a lot of writing and value good … Read Post →

Jan 13

WordCamp San Francisco 2012

Over the weekend, the WordPress Foundation hosted their annual conference WordCamp San Francisco. Attending conferences is a great way to get practical tips, to keep up with emerging trends, and to meet other people doing amazing things. WordCamp San Francisco delivered in all three of these areas for me. (more…)

Aug 21