Randy Hoyt

Boston 1775

Garrett (my oldest son) and I put together a large map of 1775 Boston for his presentation at school this week (with help from FedEx Office, Wikipedia, and Photoshop). “It is June 1775,” he begins. “We’ve been under siege here in Boston for two months.”

Nov 13

Pocket 391

I had a blast from the past when someone starred this tweet from 3½ years ago:

7 March 2013 – 7:41 PM
I read all my Instapaper list on my SFO->MCO flight today. Based on recommendations from friends, I’m finally going to give @Pocket a try.

I reached “Instapaper Zero” that day and switched to Pocket. I still add to or read from Pocket every day. I’m currently at “Pocket 391”, but I’m actively working on it with a burn-down chart now.

Nov 01

The Game

I’ve really been enjoying playing the solo/cooperative game The Game over the last few weeks — especially with Beth Sobel’s beautiful Textile reskin. I finally played all 98 cards and won this morning!

Oct 17

World’s Fair 1893 at Unpub 6

I played World’s Fair 1893 with Alex (the game designer) for the first time in real life this weekend at Unpub 6. (We played it a lot during development, but only online through Roll20.)

Apr 11