Randy Hoyt

Darren and Super Kids

Darren (5YO) has prepared his first GM session, using the Hero Kids system plus some Super Kids expansion content. (We wrote some notes about the encounters, which he is adorably calling the “assignment sheet.”) Garrett (10YO) and I played kid super heroes with Darren as GM. It was a blast!

Jan 13

Bullet Journal

My humble attempt to make my bullet journal a little creative this year starts with a banner stencil, a colored pencil, and a roll of Washi tape.

Dec 29

Orbital Decay

I finished listening to Orbital Decay this weekend, an RPG podcast series from Gamers With Jobs. I really enioyed it!

Dec 11

The Wizard’s Tower

My 10YO ran another Hero Kids adventure for me and his brother (5YO) last night: “The Wizard’s Tower.” (We were all a little off our game, still trying to figure out how best to do this. It was pretty rough, but we’re all 3 glad we’re trying it!)

Dec 06

On Games

Play your collection deeply. Prioritize the great games. It's truly rewarding.
Grant Rodiek
Nov 24