Randy Hoyt

Bullet Journal

My humble attempt to make my bullet journal a little creative this year starts with a banner stencil, a colored pencil, and a roll of Washi tape.

Dec 29

Orbital Decay

I finished listening to Orbital Decay this weekend, an RPG podcast series from Gamers With Jobs. I really enioyed it!

Dec 11

The Wizard’s Tower

My 10YO ran another Hero Kids adventure for me and his brother (5YO) last night: “The Wizard’s Tower.” (We were all a little off our game, still trying to figure out how best to do this. It was pretty rough, but we’re all 3 glad we’re trying it!)

Dec 06

On Games

Play your collection deeply. Prioritize the great games. It's truly rewarding.
Grant Rodiek
Nov 24

Azul at BGG CON

I loved Azul. I played it on 4 different days at BGG.CON in the Hot Games area. I’m definitely buying this one.

Nov 20