Randy Hoyt

Distribution, Cash Flow, and Multiple Printings

If you have been around the board game industry for any time at all, you’ve probably heard that a game’s MSRP should be five times (5×) it’s manufacturing cost. Yes, five times! I couldn’t really understand how that could be necessary when I first started, but I think I finally have a good grasp on why this number is essential. … Read Post →

Jan 26

How I Became A Board Game Publisher

On Reddit, someone asked me this: Hi Randy. If you don’t mind, could you elucidate on how you found yourself as a game publisher? Do you enjoy your work? How hands-on do you get in the game selection process? This post is my response. A few years ago, the board game scene on Kickstarter was just heating up. … Read Post →

Jan 15

Writing: 30-Minute Studies

I really like writing, and good things have always happened when I spent time writing. My blog posts for Foxtrot Games have been well received, and I havereally enjoyed writing all the historical updates for the World’s Fair 1893Kickstarter campaign. As a liberal arts major in college, I have done a lot of writing and value good … Read Post →

Jan 13